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Radiance, shot in the Antelope Canyon, is my latest work and finally it is here and available for order in limited edition luxury framed prints!

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  • Two buddhist monks enjoying the sunset

Monks and the Sunset

mercoledì, 28 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

Monks and the Sunset Non sono sparito eh? Ma ho avuto un po' di impegni, sia fotografici che lavorativi. Quindi, dopo la trasferta americana, di cui pubblicherò alcune foto una volta esaurita l'esperienza Indiana, o magari durante, così da aggiungere un po' di varietà, sto lentamente raccattando il tempo per produrre [...]

On The Road

I am back!

sabato, 10 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9496 ...On the road again, this time I go to the west of the west to shoot some iconic places like Death Valley and Yosemite! Follow me in another road adventure!

Bye India

mercoledì, 17 agosto, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9120 It is time to leave, it is time to go, it is time to salute this wonderful and INCREDIBLE Country. Now I hope my carrier will not wheigh my luggage.. See you soon India, now we got a feeling.

One Night in Amritsar

lunedì, 15 agosto, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9039 Who said that to make a nice photo, a DSLR is necessary?! Some can be made just with an iPhone!!


  • Two buddhist monks enjoying the sunset

Monks and the Sunset

mercoledì, 28 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

Monks and the Sunset Non sono sparito eh? Ma [...]

Work in progress

martedì, 20 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9725 The work is in progress, here's the Mono Lake under the lens. As soon as I complete the post production of the first shots I will post them here, follow me here to see the new stunning photos of my beloved American Landscapes.

Hike on lake

lunedì, 19 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9629 I'ts an hard an humid work, let's hope it will pay back with some nice photos! Meanwhile thanks to Ettore Trevisiol for the great backstage photos!

Guess what

lunedì, 19 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9679 Just the time to end the Indian phot tour that I was ready to leave for a new one, guess where and guess what to expect?! 😂😂

I am back!

sabato, 10 settembre, 2016|0 Comments

IMG_9496 ...On the road again, this time I go to the west of the west to shoot some iconic places like Death Valley and Yosemite! Follow me in another road adventure!

Incredible India

venerdì, 19 agosto, 2016|0 Comments

Un diario del mio viaggio in [...]


Tour fotografico in India | Manfrotto Imagine More

domenica, 28 agosto, 2016|0 Comments

Le prime foto del tour sono state pubblicate [...]


giovedì, 4 agosto, 2016|0 Comments

Guess this will be my next purchase togheter [...]

Forget filters: Photographer uses a fisheye lens to transform America’s stunningly rugged landscapes  | Daily Mail Online

giovedì, 23 giugno, 2016|0 Comments

Grand Canyon and Arches National Park are just two [...]

Apple is Bringing RAW Photo Editing to iOS 10

giovedì, 16 giugno, 2016|0 Comments

APPLause to Apple!! Need a pick-me-up this morning? [...]

DxO Optics Pro 11 

venerdì, 3 giugno, 2016|0 Comments

The World best Raw Processor ver 11 available now: here [...]

Nikon D5 DxO Mark, but the D810 still rules!

mercoledì, 25 maggio, 2016|0 Comments

DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon [...]

First Nikon D500 reviews and sample photos | Nikon Rumors

martedì, 19 aprile, 2016|0 Comments

For all those who ask me a hint [...]

Nikon Awards Prize to Badly ‘Shopped Photo, Hilarity Ensues

lunedì, 1 febbraio, 2016|0 Comments

Epic fail!!Nikon Singapore posted an announcement on its [...]

  • Nikon 50mm f/1.8

8 Ottime ragioni per comprare un  50mm f/1.8

martedì, 19 gennaio, 2016|0 Comments

When people ask me what lens they should [...]

  • Morning Glory as cover of ViewBug Contest.

35 Impressive Photos of Canyons That Will Inspire Your Next Hike!

martedì, 12 gennaio, 2016|0 Comments

And after being included in the November Nikon photo [...]



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My goodness, you have done lots lots fantastic photos. They are so amazing
paisagens assim só tem parecida no litoral do Brasil!
Marcos Antonio de Macedo
I don’t know how you do it some people do it just for fun but you are different you do it because it is your true passion
Kenna Bing
Una foto più bella dell’altra. Complimenti Riccardo è proprio lo stile di fotografia che piace a me.
Riccardo your photo stream is beautiful and creative. Many thanks for sharing I will try to learn from it.
Clive Cresswell
Formidable galerie! C’est plein, de couleurs, d’énergie, de mouvement, de beauté. J’adore. Cela fait du bien. Vous faites même aimer l’artifice! La vie…
Catherine Halvick
This is the kind of shot that shows me previously undreamed of possibilities that lie just beyond the horizon of my own humdrum existence. That’s what makes it great :-)
Verdant Homewood
You make photography look so easy with a shot like this! Of course we all know that it’s actually very difficult & takes tons of time, hard work, and skill! In the middle of the winter when I’m snowed in & can’t even open the doors, I’ll look at this picture & dream!!
Maria LeBar
Fabulosa Galería. me gustan muchísimo tus fotografías. Elegí algunas entre mis favoritas. Gracias por compartirlas. Un cordial saludo desde Sevilla. :-)
Ricardo JCF
Fabulous image Riccardo and lighting. Really enjoyed looking through your photostream…….amazing shots!
Belinda Karrington
complimenti per il tuo reportage da Cuba …ho trovato le tue foto davvero fantastiche …
io non ho avuto molto tempo per fotografare …ero con un gruppo e la guida andava sempre di fretta … ho scoperto di avere alcuni scatti in comune con i tuoi ma non li ho ancora caricati su Flickr …
certo che con un lavoro di post i risultati sono migliori ma io uso per le correzioni solo Picasa ..quindi ….
ancora complimenti per il tuo album …tutti scatti bellissimi !!!
Miriam Ulivi
I love, love, love your photos. You get to travel all over the world and see (and photograph) places I know I’ll never be able to see in person. I really like the landscapes, but I especially enjoy your photos of NYC, and foreign cities. For me, it’s the next best thing to being there. Thank you, Mr. Mantero!
Janet Lewis
Elvia Santiesteban
Absolutely all the pictures are stunning :D
Desearía hacer un comentario a cada foto de tu Galería, pero lo resumo en un palabra: ¡Magistral!
Carlos SM
Wow your work is amazing !!!
Lillier Anatole
Your photos looks very alive :)
watching your shots, I was amazed, congratulations.
Riccardo, you never let me down

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