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Five photography podcasts you need to listen to

To make your life easier, we have curated our top photography podcasts to inspire and excite you. Happy listening!Five photography podcasts you need to listen toHistorically photography has been one of those industries where shooters kept their work secret... however, thanks to the internet, the rise of collaboration and our obsession with what goes on behind the scenes, the tide has changed and individuals are now more excited about sharing their creative process. đź“·: Tara MooreGetty Images | iStock Ambassadors

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Sahara Adventure and a surprise

An adventure in the Sahara, something I dreamed since I  began to travel.  To reward my patience the Desert gifted me with sonething rare and absolutely stunning, a cloudy sunset. We watched the desert in its eye...  Can't wait to see the shots. Stay tuned... Check my instagram for more 

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From sea to shining sea: This photographer shot…

We tried to stay away from most extreme conditions, as we planned our routing to take advantage of the best seasonality. Photographer Jonathan Irish (via Digital Trends)From sea to shining sea: This photographer shot...Most people won’t ever visit all 59 U.S. national parks, but one photographer did just that. Even more amazing is that Jonathan Irish did it in just one year.Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

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Chasing the lights at festivals around the globe

Light installation Field Of Light, in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia, features 50,000 “light pins” that light up in shades of blue, purple, pink, red and yellow upon nightfall. Photographer Bruce Munro (via Straits Times)Chasing the lights at festivals around the globeThe future for light festivals is looking bright, with new ones being launched worldwide and existing ones gaining popularity.Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

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Mentorship Propels Emerging Talent: An…

“Mentors can provide photographers with industry advice, critical feedback on their portfolio and personal insight as to how to break into the business...” Gemma Fletcher, Senior Art Director at Getty Images said. “...this is why we made mentoring a significant part of the D&AD Next Photographer Award.”Mentorship Propels Emerging Talent: An...Let’s face it: It can be very difficult to start a career in the creative industry. Competition is fiercer than ever and it can be overwhelming to know where to [...]

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Presets and workflows Made in Sleeklens

Presets? Here we go! Just the time to surrender to the Adobe photography suite (Photoshop and Lightroom) and complete my training courses, I had immediately found the bright side of the moon: the boundless ocean of customizations and automation opportunities. Among them, one in particular captured my attention: The Sleeklens Presets and workflows. So, once the clearly documented installation has completed,  I had to change a bit my normal workflow which usually begins with Adobe Bridge, passes through DxO Optics pro, continues in [...]

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Getty Images Trends Team Makes 2017 Predictions

Every year, Getty Images’ global creative team of visual anthropologists analyze data from millions of images licensed on & study significant events in media, pop culture, advertising & art to present a visual trend forecast that accurately depicts the kinds of images we can expect to see as the future unfolds. Getty Images Trends Team Makes 2017 Predictions Every visual we see – the ones that come across our social media feeds, the essays we leaf through, the ads [...]

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Images reborn reprocessing old RAWs

Images are like experiences, after some years, one must review some of them. Doing that I noticed that not all were developed in the best way I could. Finally I had to surrender, after a strenuous resistance and an endless fight against myself I had to admit that Photoshop is a true (and probably the only) monster for post production of the photos. At least for those who have time to work on each single image and have time to spend in a [...]

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Nikon|100th Anniversary Site

Thanks Nikon! Wish you more 100! Nikon’s 100th anniversary website. Nikon will be celebrating its centennial anniversary in July 2017. Take a moment to discover special content introducing the company’s relentless 100-year pursuit of the possibilities of light, and challenges for further progress. Sorgente: Nikon|100th Anniversary Site

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