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Here are my latest and best photos; the most viewed and the ones I love the most.

Finally I’ve built the galleries in a dynamic way, that means, that I will publish periodically new photos into them.

It is recommended to come back several times to check for new photos.

What else? Go ahead and enjoy my photo galleries, and if you want one of them or a print of it, just click here and contact me.

Some selected shots of Autumn 2016 season, foliage, leaves, trees, sunset. Warm tones and romantic views.

A beeches forest in autumn

Autumn 2016

West 2016

In the 2016 I went again in one of my preferred regions in the world: the American South West. In this gallery, my best shots from Yosemite, Mono Lake and a ton of photos from the Death Valley.

India 2016

My big summer travel this year had as destination the India subcontinent. As first timer, I visited the North of it, this gallery contains shots from Ladakh, Punjab and Delhi. Stunning landscapes and over saturated people. Visit India with me!

West 2015

This one is what I call “The Travel”, one of those travels I can do an infinite number of times, without being tired or bored. The whole itinerary was described here. And this gallery is the result of the whole trip. Have the patience of check each photo in the detail, I’ve cured every single pixel to obtain the most from each photo.

Free Theme

Here are some of my un-themed photos. The ones I take when I go out with my camera without a precise intent. European Cities, Italy, Countryside, Abroad, Vacations. Everything I think it worth a look. Check this gallery for some curiosities or undiscovered places or events.

More Galleries

Click here for more galleries, almost all my archive but some really limited shot, are available here. Again, contact me for license or prints.