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Images are like experiences, after some years, one must review some of them. Doing that I noticed that not all were developed in the best way I could.

Finally I had to surrender, after a strenuous resistance and an endless fight against myself I had to admit that Photoshop is a true (and probably the only) monster for post production of the photos. At least for those who have time to work on each single image and have time to spend in a meticulous and precise post-production phase.

So, after my first passage and import of the RAW photos with DxO Optics Pro (actually impossible to be overtaken) and considering that Apple killed my dear Aperture, the second step of my workflow is to import and work the images in Adobe Photoshop.

To obtain the best results, as I did for Aperture years ago, I subscribed and followed several courses and training.

Then, here’s the new: thanks to the fact that I saved and spared ALL my RAW photos, I will begin to reprocess some of them with the new techniques I’ve learnt.

I hope to give new life to some old shots and propose to you all some of my best work in their new vests.

In order to hit that goal, once I finish to develop again some images I will upload them into a new gallery. I’m pretty sure the you will like them more than the first time you saw them, and why not, it is a good opportunity to show some of my old but gold photos.

Stay tuned for updates and some surprises!!

Here we go with the first three images

If you want to see more, just follow my instagram account, I will post a new one each day or check the shop to order your print

Images reborn - A rework of one of my old shot with new techniques and new ideas. This is the Caribbean Sea from the Cliffs of Isla Mujerese, in Mexico.

Images reborn - A rework of one of my old shot with new techniques and new ideas. The early morning before the Hurricane Ernest was about to hit, the sky was this.

Images reborn - A rework of one of my old shot with new techniques and new ideas. The water in the caribbean sea in front of Cancun (on the far side) can take fantastic tonalities.

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