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Canyonlands in a huge shot

A Canyonlands Panoramic View

It is extremely and exceedingly difficult…

…to render with just one shot the whole complexity and richness of detail which are in Canyonlands. The land is made with canyons inside canyons, spires over spires, silhouettes, mesas, buttes, and everything the nature, the wind and the water have molded in aeons. When a visitor gets to Grand View Point gets some difficulties with the “vast” concept. I had to stitch toghether several photos to try to build a panoramic view of what I want to show you, the result is a huge image (17000 x 4300 pixels, printable up to 6 meters wide), then zooming into it, it is possible to see some of the detail I was describing before. Print it on a wall and you’ll get a gigantic window over Canyonlands.

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  1. Dinda Rossi 26/03/2016 at 00:20

    I wish I could come there. Canyonlands is perfect when used as a wall decoration of my house. You’re great! <3

    • Riccardo Mantero 26/03/2016 at 00:25

      Thank you and if you need a large size print, just ask! 🙂

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