Uncommon as a Cabernet and a Ale in the Sahara

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So I’m back from the recent trip to one of the most incredible and hospital Countries of the Mediterranean basin, I’m back from Morocco and the Sahara desert.


is an open minded Country without restictive and enforcing god-driven laws. Moroccan poeple are friendly and hospital, full of attentions for travelers and visitors.

Our travel started from Marrakech with Merzouga dunes as destination, the Door to the Sahara.

We passed through abandoned Kasbahs, old villages, monunental landscapes and some famous movie sets; among them the set of Lawrence of Arabia and the Gladiator: unbelievable, it has been shot in Morocco.

Wherever we’ve been, we found faboulous things to shoot, fantastic places, and breathless views. People are more dofficult and restive to be photographed but once been introduced and after a warm handshake, they love to pose as everyone else in the world.


Lanterns in Jamal El Fna, Marrakech, the door to the Sahara


We entered in its Majesty, the Desert, riding a camel, a truly emotional experience, they are so tall and so serious! Once got used to the hard saddle and to the unnatural, at least for me, movements we had to learn how to react on the slopes; my back, and not only it, will hurt for days.

Anyway, we had the incredible luck to assist to a breathtaking stunning fabulous sunset. The eye of the Sahara was watching us through a rare bank of clouds. An unforgettable fire in the sky saluted our day in the sands.

Once arrived to the tent camp a marvellous surprise was waiting for us, a classic tea in the, but after it a true surprise, with the berberian dinner, we had a really tasty moroccan Caberbet Sauvignon, and where wanted, a cold beer.

Moroccan wine bottle and beer can in the Sahara

I’ll spare the rest of the travel tale to let the talk to my photos, I think they are better than my words. But the synthesis is that, despite what were telling the usual “well informed people”, Morocco, actually is a free and safe Country to visit, full of history and art which can combine traditional and modern way of life increasing its fascination to the highest levels.

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