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Photography and Riccardo Maria Mantero

Riccardo Mantero in the Sahara DesertHi! My Name is Riccardo Maria Mantero, and this is my home page, my blog, my portfolio and the door to the summit of my photography..

I’m a little more older than 40 years, with a degree in Computer Science and several years spent working in the main Technology Companies, and despite that, I still find technology interesting.

Photography, for me, is not just an hobby or a work, it is an addiction, exactly the same addiction I have for travels and for discover new places and meet new people.

For almost the totality of my photos, I use Nikon Cameras (a D800 and a D810), Nikon Lenses (mainly 16-35 f/4, 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-200 f/4), and Manfrotto tripods, nothing else.

My main subjects are landscapes, travel spots, some events and occasionally people I meet around the world in their own original environment.

Riccardo Mantero at work with CameraMy photography is made of colors, strong contrasts, unique moments. I constantly try to find unique timings or dramatic weather conditions to give to my works my own style and signature.

Some of my best works have been published by several famous magazines online or traditional ones; some have been awarded in contests or have been featured on famous websites or branded Facebook pages.

Some of my photos are available on the Getty Catalog, or some are available directly form here, in the photography shop, meanwhile, some are available only as a limited edition, where I personally cure printing, framing and shipment.

What else I can add?

Enjoy the stay, and feel free to contact me for any question or suggestions.

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